ViBe - a powerful technique for background detection and subtraction in video sequences

Code and program for Windows and Linux (details this page for how to use them)

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The following programs are accessible to academic researchers only (follow the links, and ask for the permission to download the programs. Please provide some evidence that you are a researcher in an academic institution; requests from gmail, yahoo, hotmail, 163, etc, e-mail accounts will be refused).



ViBe is protected by several patents (patent track: WO2009007198 / Publication date: 2009-01-15; Priority number(s): EP20070112011 20070708) / Europe (granted): EP2015252 / US (granted): US 8009918 B2 (pdf) / Japan (granted): JP 2011 4699564 B2


For any question, please contact Prof. Van Droogenbroeck .

ViBe inside a digital camera

Illustrations for a static camera

View from the roof of a house

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