Scientific articles describing applications that use/implement/expand
principles of ViBe
Last update: May 16, 2019
1. Target tracking
J. Liu, L. Zhou, and L. Zhao. Advanced Wang-Landau Monte Carlo-based tracker for
abrupt motions. IEEJ Transactions on Electrical and Electronic Engineering, online
first:1–7, 2019. URL:
2. Infrared target detection Y. Wu, Y. Wang, and P. Liu and. Infrared LSS-target detection
via adaptive TCAIE-LGM smoothing and pixel-based background subtraction. Photonic
Sensors, 9(2):179–188, June 2019. URL:
3. Automatic identification of ships from videos taken by a UAV F. Zhou, S. Pan, and
J. Jiang. Verification of ais data by using video images taken by a uav. The Journal of
Navigation, online first:1–14, May 2019. URL:
4. Detection of moving targets Z. Ding and W.-Z. Lu. Moving target detection algorithm
based on Vibe background modeling. Computer Systems and Applications, 28(4):183–
187, April 2019. URL:
5. Abnormal target recognition
J. Wu, C. Wu, Y. Wu, N. Xiong, and H. Ren. Abnormal target recognition and ap-
plication in smart function area based on video sensing technology. Data Science and
Industrial Internet, 2(1):39–55, 2019
6. Synthesis of abnormal activities for training
A. Joshi and V. Namboodiri. Unsupervised synthesis of anomalies in videos: Transform-
ing the normal. CoRR, abs/abs/1904.06633, April 2019. URL:
7. Safety analysis at intersections
Q. Zhang, Z. Yang, and D. Sun. Automated data collection and safety analysis at
intersections based on a novel video processing system. Transportation Research Record,
online first:–, April 2019. URL:
8. Vehicle traffic analysis Z. Yang and Q. Zhang. A video-based framework for automated
trajectory collection at intersections. Journal of Tongji University (Natural Science),
47(3):369–377, March 2019. URL:
9. VideoSAR single-frame imagery
Z. Liu, D. An, and X. Huang. Moving target shadow detection and global background
reconstruction for VideoSAR based on single-frame imagery. IEEE Access, 7:42418–
42425, March 2019. URL:
10. Robot vision V. Rostami, P. Mansournia, A. Akar, M. Kamkar, F. Jalili, and M. Mehralian.
ATIS-bots RoboCup@Work 2019 team description paper. Technical report, Qazvin Is-
lamic Azad University, February 2019. URL:
11. Detection of multiple UAVs
T. Yang, Z. Li, F. Zhang, B. Xie, J. Li, and L. Liu. Panoramic UAV surveillance and
recycling system based on structure-free camera array. IEEE Access, 7:25763–25778,
February 2019. URL:
12. Human fall detection
Y. Kong, J. Huang, S. Huang, Z. Wei, and S. Wang. Learning spatiotemporal repre-
sentations for human fall detection in surveillance video. Journal of Visual Communi-
cation and Image Representation, 59:215–230, February 2019. URL:
13. Forest Fire Smoke Detection Y. Gao and P. Cheng. Forest fire smoke detection based
on visual smoke root and diffusion model. Fire detection, online first:–, 2019. URL:
14. Smoke vehicle detection
H. Tao and X. Lu. Smoke vehicle detection based on multi-feature fusion and hidden
Markov model. Journal of Real-Time Image Processing, online first:–, 2019. URL:
15. Trichomonas Detection X. Du, L. Liu, X. Wang, J. Zhang, G. Ni, R. Hao, J. Liu, and
Y. Liu. Trichomonas detection in leucorrhea based on VIBE method. Computational
and Mathematical Methods in Medicine, 2019:1–10, January 2019. URL: http://dx.
16. Water environment monitoring
Y. Wang, X. Zhang, J. Chen, Z. Cheng, and D. Wang. Camera sensor-based contam-
ination detection for water environment monitoring. Environmental Science and Pol-
lution Research, 26(3):2722–2733, January 2019. URL:
17. Human action recognition
S. Kim, K. Yun, J. Park, and J. Choi. Skeleton-based action recognition of people
handling objects. CoRR, abs/1901.06882, 2019. URL:
18. Multiple object tracking in 3D
Z. Tang and J.-N. Hwang. MOANA: An online learned adaptive appearance model for
robust multiple object tracking in 3D. CoRR, abs/1901.02626, January 2019. URL:
19. Sperm mobility analysis
M. Ozgur, F. Okumus, and A. Kocamaz. A novel computer assisted sperm analyzer for
assessment of spermatozoa motility in fish; BASA-sperm aqua. El-Cezeri Journal of
Science and Engineering, 6(1):208–219, January 2019. URL:
20. Detection of micro air vehicles
N. Dorudian, S. Lauria, and S. Swift. Nonparametric background modelling and seg-
mentation to detect micro air vehicles (MAV) using RGB-D sensor. International Jour-
nal of Micro Air Vehicles, online first:–, 2018. URL:
21. Detection of smoky vehicles
H. Tao and X. Lu. Smoky vehicle detection based on multi-feature fusion and ensemble
neural networks. Multimedia Tools and Applications, 77(24):32153–32177, December
2018. URL:
22. Interactive multiple video fusion in 3D environments
Y. Zhou, M. Cao, J. You, M. Meng, Y. Wang, and Z. Zhou. MR video fusion: Interactive
3d modeling and stitching on wide-baseline videos. In ACM Symposium on Virtual Re-
ality Software and Technology (VRST), pages 1–11, Tokyo, Japan, November-December
2018. URL:
23. Target segmentation for thermal video sequences
D. Yang. A detail-enhanced target segmentation method for thermal video sequences
based on spatiotemporal parameter update technique. IET Image Processing, 13(1):216–
223, 2018. URL:
24. Target detection
X. Shao, X. Chen, K. Li, Z. Lv, and H. Zhu. An improved moving target detection
method based on Vibe algorithm. In Chinese Automation Congress (CAC), pages 1928–
1931, Xi’an, China, November-December 2018. URL:
25. Person re-identification
A. Chen, M. Biglari-Abhari, and K. Wang. Fast one-shot learning for identity classifi-
cation in person re-identification and tracking. In International Conference on Control,
Automation, Robotics and Vision (ICARCV), pages 1197–1203, Singapore, November
2018. URL:
26. Traffic monitoring
D. Del Carmen and R. Cajote. Assessment of vision-based vehicletracking for traffic
monitoring applications. In Asia-Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association
Annual Summit and Conference (APSIPA), pages 2014–2021, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA,
November 2018. URL:
27. Tracking of humans by a mobile robot
T.-H. Tsai and C.-H. Yao. A real-time tracking algorithm for human following mobile
robot. In International SoC Design Conference (ISOCC), pages 78–79, Daegu, South
Korea, November 2018. URL:
28. Crowd honeybee colony analysis
Y. Li and S. Takahashi. Small object tracking in high density crowd scenes. In Cog-
nitive Internet of Things: Frameworks, Tools and Applications, volume 810 of Stud-
ies in Computational Intelligence, pages 497–505. Springer, November 2018. URL:
29. Detection of flying birds
T. Wu, X. Luo, and Q. Xu. A new skeleton based flying bird detection method for low-
altitude air traffic management. Chinese Journal of Aeronautics, 11(11):2149–2164,
November 2018. URL:
30. Surveillance of goats
D. Wang, J. Tang, W. Zhu, H. Li, J. Xin, and D. He. Dairy goat detection based
on Faster R-CNN from surveillance video. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture,
154:443–449, November 2018. URL:
31. Person re-identification
M. Saghafi, A. Hussain, M. Saad, M. Zulkifley, N. Tahir, and M. Ibrahim. Pose and
illumination invariance of attribute detectors in person re-identification. International
Journa l of Engineering & Technology (IJET), 7(4.11):174–178, 2018. URL: http:
32. Detection of smoky vehicles
H. Tao and X. Lu. Smoky vehicle detection based on range filtering on three orthogonal
planes and motion orientation histogram. IEEE Access, 6:57180–57190, October 2018.
33. Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)
Y. Xu, Q. Guo, and J. Chen. Dynamic object detection using improved Vibe for RGB-D
SLAM. In IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC),
pages 1664–1669, Miyazaki, Japan, October 2018. URL:
34. Traffic monitoring
R. Celso, Z. Ting, D. Del Carmen, and R. Cajote. Two-step vehicle classification system
for traffic monitoring in the Philippines. In TENCON, IEEE Region 10 Conference,
pages 2028–2033, Jeju, South Korea, October 2018. URL:
35. Detection of wildfires
J. Yuan, L. Wang, P. Wu, C. Gao, and L. Sun. Detection of wildfires along transmission
lines using deep time and space features. Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis,
28(4):805–812, October 2018. URL:
36. Detection of smoky vehicles
H. tao and X. Lu. Smoky vehicle detection based on range filtering on three orthogonal
planes and motion orientation histogram. IEEE Access, 6:57180–57190, October 2018.
37. Detection of vehicles by UAVs
H. Zhang, C. Meng, P. guo, X. Ding, and Z. Li. Vehicle detection in UAV aerial video.
In Workshop on Planning, Perception and Navigation for Intelligent Vehicles (PPNIV),
pages 1–6, Madrid, Spain, October 2018. URL:
38. Detection of targets for unmanned aerial vehicle landing
Z. Li, C. Meng, F. Zhou, X. Ding, X. Wang, H. Zhang, P. Guo, and X. Meng. Fast
vision-based autonomous detection of moving cooperative target for unmanned aerial
vehicle landing. Journal of Field Robotics, 2018:1–15, October 2018. URL: http:
39. Vehicle detection
H. Tao and X. Lu. Smoky vehicle detection based on multi-scale block Tamura features.
Signal, Image and Video Processing, 12(6):1061–1068, September 2018. URL: http:
40. Fish tail beat frequency estimation
Y. Yildirym, B. Toreyin, S. Kucukali, B. Verep, D. Turan, and A. Alp. Image analysis
based fish tail beat frequency estimation for fishway efficiency. In European Signal
Processing Conference (EUSIPCO), pages 1790–1794, Roma, Italy, September 2018.
41. Surveillance of pumping units
T. Yu, J. Yang, and W. Lu. Background modeling with extracted dynamic pixels for
pumping unit surveillance. Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2018:1–11, Septem-
ber 2018. URL:
42. Vehicle counting
X. Xiang, M. Zhai, N. Lv, and A. El Saddik. Vehicle counting based on vehicle detection
and tracking from aerial videos. Sensors, 18(8):1–17, August 2018. URL: http://doi.
43. Fish detection from low visibility underwater videos
V. Shevchenko, T. Eerola, and A. Kaarna. Fish detection from low visibility underwater
videos. In IEEE International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), pages 1971–
1976, Beijing, China, August 2018. URL:
44. Fall detection
W. Yan, J. Xie, P. Li, and T. Liu. Robust recognition algorithm for fall down behavior.
In Chinese Conference on Biometric Recognition, volume 10996 of Lecture Notes in
Computer Science, pages 662–668. Springer, 2018. URL:
45. Detection of smoky vehicles
Y. Cao, C. Lu, X. Lu, and X. Xia. A spatial pyramid pooling convolutional neural
network for smoky vehicle detection. In Chinese Control Conference (CCC), pages
9170–9175, Wuhan, China, July 2018. URL:
46. Rat cyborg automated navigation
Z. Zhang, Y. Yang, Z. Wu, and Q. Ma. A posture recognition system for rat cyborg
automated navigation. Chinese Journal of Electronics, 27(4):687–693, July 2018. URL:
47. Human positioning
J. Tong, L. Chen, and Y. Cao. Human positioning based on probabilistic occupancy map.
In International Conference on Natural Computation, Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge
Discovery (ICNC-FSKD), pages 271–275, Huangshan, China, July 2018. URL: http:
48. Detection of abandoned objects
D. Shyam, A. Kot, and C. Athalye. Abandoned object detection using pixel-based finite
state machine and single shot multibox detector. In IEEE International Conference on
Multimedia and Expo (ICME), pages 1–6, San Diego, California, USA, July 2018. URL:
49. Detection of foreign substances detection algorithm for liquid in transparent glass bottles
R. Zhao, L. Liu, X. Chen, J. Song, and S. Jiang. Foreign substances detection algorithm
for liquid in transparent glass bottles based on the combination of guided filter and
visual background extractor. Journal of Electronic Imaging, 27(4), July 2018. URL:
50. Crisis management
S. Hetu, S. Gupta, V.-A. Vu, and G. Tan. A simulation framework for crisis management:
Design and use. Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, 85:15–32, June 2018. URL:
51. Hyper-spectral video restoration
C. m. Tan, T. f. Xu, X. Ma, Y. h. Zhang, X. Wang, and G. Yan. Graph-spectral hyper-
spectral video restoration based on compressive sensing. Chinese Optics, 11(6):949–957,
2018. URL:
52. Ship detection
S. Chao, C. Enqing, and Q. Lin. Ship detection from infrared video. Opto-Electronic
Engineering, 45(6):170748:1–6, June 2018. URL:
53. Forest fire smoke detection
C. Lu, Y. Cao, X. Lu, M. Cai, and X. Feng. Moving target detection algorithm for forest
fire smoke recognition with improved ViBe. In International Conference on Information
System and Artificial Intelligence (ISAI), volume 1069, pages 1–7, Suzhou, China, June
2018. URL:
54. Action recognition
X. Ji, Z. Jin, J. Cao, and Y. Wang. Two-person interaction action recognition based on
multi-source information fusion algorithm. In International Conference on Information
Science and Technology (ICIST), pages 466–471, Cordoba, Granada, and Seville, Spain,
June-July 2018. URL:
55. Real-time key frame extraction
T. Shen, Z.-L. Sun, F.-Q. Han, and Y.-M. Wang. Real-time key frame extraction in
a low lighting condition. In International Symposium on Neural Networks, volume
10878 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 601–610. Springer, 2018. URL:
56. Vehicle detection
H. Tao and X. Lu. Smoky vehicle detection in surveillance video based on gray level co-
occurrence matrix. In International Conference on Digital Image Processing (ICDIP),
volume 10806 of Proceedings of SPIE. SPIE, May 2018. URL:
57. Vehicle detection
Q. Zhang, J. Zhao, J. Zhai, J. Zhang, and H. Cui. Smoke detection in video using
dissipation function and support vector machine. In International Conference on Digital
Image Processing (ICDIP), volume 10806 of Proceedings of SPIE. SPIE, May 2018.
58. Building replates
G. Chen, P. Sander, and D. Nehab. The replate. Proceedings of the ACM on Computer
Graphics and Interactive Techniques, 1(1):1–14, May 2018. URL:
59. Detection of protective equipment
O. Hatipoglu and A. Hocaoglu. Detection of personal protective equipment. In Signal
Processing and Communications Applications Conference (SIU), pages 1–4, May 2018.
60. Real-time fish animation generation
X. Meng, J. Pan, H. Qin, and P. Ge. Real-time fish animation generation by monocular
camera. Computers & Graphics, 71:55–65, April 2018. URL:
61. Transmission electron microscopy testing
K. Yano, S. Thomas, M. Swenson, Y. Lu, and J. Wharry. TEM in situ cube-corner in-
dentation analysis using ViBe motion detection algorithm. Journal of Nuclear Materials,
502:201–212, April 2018. URL:
62. Video summarization
P. Mishra and S. Sharma. Automatic variable length summarized video using motion of
object. In International Conference on Current Trends towards Converging Technologies
(ICCTCT), pages 1–6, Coimbatore, India, March 2018. URL:
63. Automatic helmet wearing detection
K. Li, X. Zhao, J. Bian, and M. Tan. Automatic safety helmet wearing detection. CoRR,
abs/1802.00264, February 2018. URL:
64. Anti-UAVs Surveillance System
Z. Li, T. Yang, J. Li, Z. Zhang, R. Liu, and B. Xie. Anti-UAVs surveillance system
based on ground random fisheye camera array. In International Conference on Image
and Graphics Processing (ICIGP), pages 138–142, Hong Kong, February 2018. URL:
65. Fish species recognition
X. sun, J. Shi, L. Liu, J. Dong, C. Plant, X. Wang, and H. Zhou. Transferring deep
knowledge for object recognition in low-quality underwater videos. Neurocomputing,
275:897–908, January 2018. URL:
66. Object tracking at crossroads
C.-H. Liu, L. Zhang, and H. Huang. Visualization of cross-view multi-object tracking for
surveillance videos in crossroad. Chinese Journal of Computers, 41(1):221–235, January
2018. URL:
67. Detection of pollutants and toxicants
D.-P. Hader and G. Erzinger. Daphniatox. In Bioassays, pages 221–240. Elsevier, 2018.
68. Tracking of vehicles
W. Min, M. Fan, X. Guo, and Q. Han. A new approach to track multiple vehicles
with the combination of robust detection and two classifiers. IEEE Transactions on
Intelligent Transportation Systems, 19(1):174–186, January 2018. URL: http://doi.
69. Fish species recognition
X. sun, J. Shi, L. Liu, J. Dong, C. Plant, X. Wang, and H. Zhou. Transferring deep
knowledge for object recognition in low-quality underwater videos. Neurocomputing,
275:897–908, January 2018. URL:
70. Estimation of the distance to an airbone object
D. Mikluc, M. Andric, S. Mitrovic, and B. Bondzulic. Improved method for passive
ranging based on surface estimation of an airborne object using an infrared image sensor.
Optica Applicata, XLVII(3):383–394, 2017. URL:
71. Pipeline for indoor person tracking
A. Chen, J. Fan, M. Biglari-Abhari, and K. Wang. A computationally efficient pipeline
for camera-based indoor person tracking. In International Conference on Image and
Vision Computing New Zealand (IVCNZ), pages 1–6, Christchurch, New Zealand, De-
cember 2017. URL:
72. Smoke detection
Q. Zhang, F. Liu, X. Li, and B. Li. Dissipation function and ViBe based smoke de-
tection in video. In International Conference on Multimedia and Image Processing
(ICMIP), pages 325–329, Wuhan, China, December 2017. URL:
73. Online multiple pedestrian tracking
Z. Wang, S. Yoon, and D. Park. Online adaptive multiple pedestrian tracking in monoc-
ular surveillance video. Neural Computing and Applications, 28(1):127–141, December
2017. URL:
74. Detection of moving vehicles from high definition satellite videos
J. Zhang, X. Jia, and J. Hu. Motion flow clustering for moving vehicle detection from
satellite high definition video. In Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications,
pages 1–7, Sydney, Australia, November-December 2017. URL:
75. Detection of smoke
B. Li, Q. Zhang, and C. Shi. Dissipation function and adaptive gradient reconstruction
based smoke detection in video. In SPIE LIDAR Imaging Detection and Target Recogni-
tion, Changchun, China, November 2017. URL:
76. Intrusion detection
C. Yan andd C. Wang, J. Du, H. Fang, Y. Wang, X. Xiang, and X. Guo. Intrusion
detection for engineering vehicles under the transmission line based on deep learning. In
IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering and Service Science (ICSESS),
pages 46–49, Beijing, China, November 2017. URL:
77. Detection of vehicles
S. Datondji. Wide-baseline Omnidirectional Stereovision for Intersection Monitoring.
PhD thesis, Normandie Université, France, November 2017. URL: https://tel.archives-ouvertes.
78. Estimation of the walk direction of pedestrians
R. Raman, P. Kuman, S. Bakshi, and B. Majhi. Kinesiology-inspired estimation of
pedestrian walk direction for smart surveillance. Future Generation Computer Systems,
online first:–, 2017. URL:
79. Detection of fish trajectories
C. Tian, Z. Huang, B. Xiong, J. Zhan, X. Shi, and C. Lin. Fish swimming 3D tra-
jectory reconstruction based on multi-view geometry. Journal Of Fisheries Of China,
41(10):1631–1637, 2017. URL: JournalofComputerApplications
80. Vehicle detection
L. Herle and P. Sharma. Vehicle detection and identification in an unconstrained en-
vironment. In Proceeding International conference on Recent Innovations is Signal
Processing and Embedded Systems, pages 66–69, Bhopal, India, October 2017. URL:
81. Gas leak detection
X. Zeng and L. Huang. Gas leak detection in infrared video with background modeling.
In Remote Sensing Image Processing, Geographic Information Systems, and Other Ap-
plications, volume 10611 of Proceedings of SPIE, pages 1–8. SPIE, October 2017. URL:
82. Gamifying object segmentation
S. Palazzo, C. Spampinato, and D. Giordano. Gamifying video object segmentation.
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 39(10):1942–1958,
October 2017. URL:
83. Crowdedness measuring by video
Y. Kim, S. Park, and H. Kim. Crowdedness measuring system considering view angle
of CCTV camera. In International Conference on Information and Communication
Technology Convergence (ICTC), pages 1149–1152, Jeju Island, South Korea, October
2017. URL:
84. Identification of vehicles
Y. Liu, D. Xia, Q. Qiu, and D. Cai. Research on visual background extractor to identify
the vehicles based on edge similarity. International Journal of Wireless and Mobile
Computing, 13(1):8–14, 2017. URL:
85. Fire and smoke detection
X. Wu, X. Lu, and H. Leung. An adaptive threshold deep learning method for fire and
smoke detection. In IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics
(SMC), pages 1954–1959, Banff, Canada, October 2017. URL:
86. Vehicle detection
S. Peng. A vehicle detection algorithm based on improved ViBe and cascade classi-
fier. Modern Computer, 8:60–65, 2017. URL:
87. Crowd behavior understanding
L. Lu, J. He, Z. Xu, Y. Xu, C. Zhang, J. Wang, and J. Adu. Crowd behavior un-
derstanding through SIOF feature analysis. In IEEE International Conference on
Automation & Computing, Huddersfield, United Kingdom, September 2017. URL:
88. Human motion analysis
V. Golodov, A. Zavei-Boroda, S. Ivanov, and K. Nikolskaya. Development of a deep
learning neural network for human movements analysis. In Russia and Pacific Con-
ference on Computer Technology and Applications (RPC), pages 72–74, Vladivostok,
Russia, September 2017. URL:
89. Population density estimation
S. Liu, H. Lin, Y. Wang, H. Zhang, and J. Guo. Design of intensive population de-
tection and multi-exit evacuation algorithm based on open environment. In Interna-
tional Conference on Intelligent Human-Machine Systems and Cybernetics, pages 21–24,
Hangzhou, China, August 2017. URL:
90. 3D pose estimation
Z. Luo, K. Zhang, Z. Wang, J. Zheng, and Y. Chen. 3D pose estimation of large and
complicated workpieces based on binocular stereo vision. Applied Optics, 56(24):1–15,
August 2017. URL:
91. Fall detection
H. Liu, D. Liu, X. sun, F. Wu, and W. Zeng. On-line fall detection via a boosted
cascade of hybrid features. In IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo
Workshops (ICMEW), pages 249–254, Hong Kong, China, July 2017. URL: http:
92. Video compression
J. Zheng, T. Sun, X. Jiang, and P. He. Double H.264 compression detection scheme
based on prediction residual of background regions. In Intelligent Computing Theories
and Application, volume 10361 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 471–482.
Springer, 2017. URL:
93. Anomaly detection based on the pedestrian behavior
M. Shen, X. Jiang, and T. Sun. Anomaly detection by analyzing the pedestrian behavior
and the dynamic changes of behavior. In Intelligent Computing Theories and Applica-
tion, volume 10361 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 211–222. Springer,
2017. URL:
94. Video synopsis
K. Hui, K. Cheng, and Y. Zhang. The video synopsis based on the enhanced ViBe
algorithm. Journal of Shandong University (Engineering Science), 47(3):43–48, June
2017. URL:
95. Fish detection
V. Shevchenko. Fish detection for species recognition. Master’s thesis, Lappeenranta
University of Technology, 2017
96. Human interaction recognition
X. Ji, C. Wang, and Z. Ju. A new framework of human interaction recognition based
on multiple stage probability fusion. Applied Sciences, 7(6):1–16, June 2017. URL:
97. Real-time vehicle tracking
Y. Jin and J. Eriksson. Fully automatic, real-time vehicle tracking for surveillance
video. In Conference on Computer and Robot Vision (CRV), pages 147–154, Edmonton,
Alberta, May 2017. URL:
98. Camera self-calibration
G. Fuhr and C. Jung. Camera self-calibration based on non-linear optimization and ap-
plications in surveillance systems. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video
Technology, 27(5):1132–1142, May 2017. URL:
99. Fast pedestrian detection
G. Shu, Y. Ouyang, and B. Su. Fast pedestrian detection method for real-time analysis
of surveillance video. Application Research of Computers, 34(4):1257–1260, April 2017.
100. Human Detection for outdoor video surveillance
H.-K. Chen, X.-G. Zhao, S.-Y. Sun, and M. Tan. PLS-CCA Heterogeneous features
fusion-based low-resolution human detection method for outdoor video surveillance.
International Journal of Automation and Computing, 14(2):136–146, April 2017. URL:
101. Traffic analysis
W. d. Min, X. g. Guo, and Q. Han. An improved ViBe algorithm and its application in
traffic video processing. Optics and Precision Engineering, 25(3):806–811, March 2017.
102. Cloud-based moving object detection
R. Li anjd X. Pie, P. Wang, and C. Jin. Cloud-based moving object detection for
mobile devices. In Conference on Innovations in Clouds, Internet and Networks (ICIN),
pages 100–102, Paris, France, March 2017. URL:
103. Human action recognition
K. Xu, X. Jiang, and T. Sun. Two-stream dictionary learning architecture for ac-
tion recognition. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology,
27(3):567–576, March 2017. URL:
104. Detection of vehicles in tunnels
Z. Qiming and M. ChengQian. A vehicle detection method in tunnel video based on
ViBe algorithm. In IEEE Advanced Information Technology, Electronic and Automation
Control Conference (IAEAC), pages 1545–1548, Chongqing, China, March 2017. URL:
105. Analysis of satellite videos
A. Xu, J. Wu, G. Zhang, S. Pan, T. Wang, Y. Jang, and X. Shen. Motion detection
in satellite video. Journal of Remote Sensing & GIS, 6(2):1–9, March 2017. URL:
106. Detection of vehicles
C. Pan, Z. Zhu, L. Jiang, M. Wang, and X. Lu. Adaptive ViBe background model for
vehicle detection. In IEEE Advanced Information Technology, Electronic and Automa-
tion Control Conference (IAEAC), pages 1301–1305, Chongqing, China, March 2017.
107. Video surveillance synopsis
Y. He, C. Gao, N. Sang, Z. Qu, and J. Han. Graph coloring based surveillance video
synopsis. Neurocomputing, 225:64–79, February 2017. URL:
108. Intelligent monitoring
J. Xia, Z. Liu, and G. Han. System of intelligent monitoring and motion detection based
on the Linux platform. Electronic Measurement Technology, 40(3):173–176,191, 2017.
109. Generation of video tubes (synopsis)
Y. He, Z. Qu, C. Gao, and N. Sang. Fast online video synopsis based on potential
collision graph. IEEE Signal Processing Letters, 24(1):22–26, January 2017. URL:
110. Detection of fishes
C. Tian and Z. Huang. A real-time trajectory tracking algorithm of fishes. Informa-
tion & Communications, 1:47–50, January 2017. URL:
111. Remote real-time surveillance security system for intruder detection (ARM implemen-
J. Landa, C. Jun, and M. Jun. Implementation of a remote real-time surveillance secu-
rity system for intruder detection. In International Conference on Measuring Technology
and Mechatronics Automation (ICMTMA), pages 102–105, Changsha, Hunan, China,
January 2017. URL:
112. Videosurveillance
S. Liu, G. Wang, J. Li, X. Li, and M. Fang. Embedded video abstraction and design of
intelligent video surveillance system. Journal of Changchun University of Science and
Technology, 40(1):119–122,126, 2017. URL:
113. Video-based traffic monitoring
D. Del Carmen and R. Cajote. Moving shadow detection and removal for video-based
traffic monitoring. In Asia-Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association An-
nual Summit and Conference (APSIPA), pages 1–7, Jeju, Korea, December 2016. URL:
114. Detection of abandoned objects
H. Ma, T. Zhao, J. Li, and W. Qian. Abandoned object detection based on tachograph
videos. In Internationl Computer Symposium (ICS), pages 279–284, Chiayi, Taiwan,
December 2016. URL:
115. Fast detection of micro-organisms
F. Zhou, Z. Lu, J. Liu, Y. Xia, and X. Wei. Low-cost prioritization of microorganism
image data in wireless visual sensor network. In Internationl Computer Symposium
(ICS), pages 685–689, Chiayi, Taiwan, December 2016. URL:
116. Target handover for non-overlapping cameras
X. Huang, B. h. Huang, and X. m. Xiong. Target handover based on improved ORB
algorithm on non-overlapping cameras. Chinese Journal of Liquid Crystals and Displays,
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