Scientific articles describing applications that use/implement/expand
principles of ViBe
Last update: December 23, 2021
1. Noise cancelling for tracking in robotic arc welding
Xiao, R., Xu, Y., Hou, Z., Chen, C., and Chen, S. A feature extraction algorithm based
on improved snake model for multi-pass seam tracking in robotic arc welding. Journal
of Manufacturing Processes, 72:48–60, December 2021. URL
2. Background removal of dance clips
Wang, J., Wang, Y., Weng, N., Chai, T., Li, A., Zhang, F., and Yu, S. Will you ever
become popular? learning to predict virality of dance clips. CoRR, abs/2111.03819,
November 2021. URL
3. Detection of construction cranes under a transmission line
Li, X. and Lu, L. Construction crane detection under transmission line based on im-
proved Vibe algorithm. In Earth and Environmental Science, volume 692 of Jour-
nal of Physics: Conference Series, pages 1–10. IOP Publishing, 2021. URL http:
4. Tarmac monitoring
Zheng, D., Yuan, G., Wang, Y., and Zhou, H. Improved VIBE shadow elimination
method with adaptive threshold in the environment of tarmac monitoring. In Inter-
national Conference on Image and Graphics (ICIG), volume 12890 of Lecture Notes in
Computer Science, pages 328–340. Springer, 2021. URL
5. Prior extraction of video tubes for online surveillance video synopsis
Yang, Y., Kim, H., Choi, H., Chae, s., and Kim, I.J. Scene adaptive online surveillance
video synopsis via dynamic tube rearrangement using octree. IEEE Transactions on
Image Processing, 30:8318–8331, September 2021. URL
6. Tracking of multiple pedestrians in video surveillance
Wang, Z., Li, M., Lu, Y., Bao, Y., Li, Z., and Zhao, J. Effective multiple pedestrian
tracking system in video surveillance with monocular stationary camera. Expert Systems
with Applications, 178:1–13, September 2021. URL
7. Liquid leakage detection
Doagang, P., Weiwei, L., Erjiang, Q., and Jie, H. Liquid leakage detection of power
plant pipelines based on improved Vibe algorithm. In Power System and Green Energy
Conference (PSGEC), pages 640–644. Shanghai, China, August 2021. URL http://
8. Detection of moving objects in satellite images
Huang, P., Wang, F., Xiang, Y., and You, H. Moving target detection and tracking of
satellite videos based on v-csk algorithm. Journal of University of Chinese Academy of
Sciences, 38(3):392–401, September 2021. URL
9. Smoke detection
Wang, Y., Han, Q., Li, Y., and Li, Y. Video smoke detection based on multi-feature
fusion and modified random forest. Engineering Letters, 29(3):1115–1122, Septem-
ber 2021. URL
10. Vision-based posture classification for postural ergonomic risk assessment
Seo, J. and Lee, S. Automated postural ergonomic risk assessment using vision-based
posture classification. Automation in Construction, 128:1–12, August 2021. URL http:
11. Gait recognition
Srinivasan, L. Improved gait recognition accuracy based on DFT-GEI. Research Square
preprint, August 2021. URL
12. Crowd emotion evaluation
Zhang, X., Yang, X., Zhang, W., Li, G., and Yu, H. Crowd emotion evaluation based on
fuzzy inference of arousal and valence. Neurocomputing, 445:194–205, July 2021. URL
13. Smoke detection from from forest fires
Gao, Y. and Cheng, P. Full-scale video-based detection of smoke from forest fires
combining ViBe and MSER algorithms. Fire Technology, 57:1637–1666, July 2021.
14. Abnormal behavior detection
Qiao, X., Zhu, W., Guo, D., Jiang, T., Chang, X., Zhou, Y., Zhu, D., and Cao, N.
Design of abnormal behavior detection system in the state grid business office. In
Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Security, volume 1423 of Communications in
Computer and Information Science, pages 510–520. Springer, June 2021. URL http:
15. Posture recognition
Liu, Y. and Wu, Y. A multi-feature motion posture recognition model based on genetic
algorithm. Traitement du signal, 38(3):599–605, June 2021. URL
16. Monitoring of power substation
Xu, L., Song, Y., Zhang, W., An, Y., Wang, Y., and Ning, H. An efficient foreign objects
detection network for power substation. Image and Vision Computing, 109:1–12, May
2021. URL
17. Detection of crowd abnormal behavior
Meng, B. and Li, D. Detection method for crowd abnormal behavior based on long short-
term memory network. In Advances in Intelligent Information Hiding and Multimedia
Signal Processing, volume 211 of Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, pages
305–313. Springer, 2021. URL
18. Automatic visual inspection
Chen, W., Cai, N., Wang, H., Lin, J., and Wang, H. Automatic optical inspection
system for IC solder joint based on local-to-global ensemble learning. Soldering &
Surface Mount Technology, 33(2), March 2021. URL
19. Detection of low-altitude aerial targets
Sun, H., Liu, Q., Wang, J., Fen, J., Wu, Y., Zhao, H., and Li, H. Fusion of infrared
and visible images for remote detection of low-altitude slow-speed small targets. IEEE
Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, 14:2971–
2983, February 2021. URL
20. Registration of videos captured by a UAV
Lemaire, P., Crispim-Junior, C., Robinault, L., and Tougne, L. Registering unmanned
aerial vehicle videos in the long term. Sensors, 21(2):1–19, January 2021. URL http:
21. Human counting and tracking using a ToF camera
Wang, H., Luo, H., Zhou, W., and Xie, D. A novel approach of human tracking and
counting using overhead ToF camera. In International Conference on Life System
Modeling and Simulation, volume 1303 of Communications in Computer and Infor-
mation Science, pages 416–429. Springer, 2021. URL
22. Detection of tampering in surveillance video footages
Vijayaraghavan, P., Nelson, M., Kandan, S., Prasanna, R., and Raghavendran, M.
Surveillance footage video tampering detection. Informatica: Journal of Applied Ma-
chines Electrical Electronics Computer Science and Communication Systems, 1(1):10–
17, December 2020. URL
23. Detection of small targets
Uzair, M., Brinkworth, R., and Finn, A. Bio-inspired video enhancement for small mov-
ing target detection. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 30:1232–1244, December
2020. URL
24. Motion detection in a time-lapse camera for ecological studies
Winterl, A., Richter, S., Houstin, A., Neterova, A., Bonadonna, F., Schneider, W., Fabry,
B., Le Bohec, C., and Zitterbart, D. micrObs a customizable time-lapse camera for
ecological studies. HardwareX, 8:1–15, October 2020. URL
25. Smoke vehicle detection
Tao, H. and Liu, X. Smoke vehicle detection based on spatiotemporal Bag-Of-Features
and professional convolutional neural network. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and
Systems for Video Technology, 30(10):3301–3316, October 2020. URL http://dx.doi.
26. Detection of vacant spaces in parking lots
Varghese, A. and Sreelekha, G. An efficient algorithm for detection of vacant spaces
in delimited and non-delimited parking lots. IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Trans-
portation Systems, 21(10):4052–4062, October 2020. URL
27. Vehicle detection
Wang, X., Hu, X., Chen, C., Fan, Z., and Peng, S. Illuminating vehicles with motion
priors for surveillance vehicle detection. In IEEE International Conference on Image
Processing (ICIP), pages 2021–2025. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, October 2020.
28. Fall detection
Kottari, K., Delibasis, K., and Maglogiannis, I. Real-time fall detection using un-
calibrated fisheye cameras. IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Sys-
tems, 12(3):588–600, September 2020. URL
29. Automatic fall detection
Wang, K., Cao, G., Meng, D., Chen, W., and Cao, W. Automatic fall detection of human
in video using combination of features. ProgrammerSought Web site, September 2020.
30. Multiple object tracking
Siingh, K., Karar, V., and Poddar, S. Radius nearest neighbour based feature classi-
fication for occlusion handling. Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis, 30:416–427,
September 2020. URL
31. Blind background extraction from videos in the cloud for privacy protection
Jin, X., Yu, H., Zhang, H., Li, X., and Sun, H. Blind background extraction from videos
in the cloud. Multimedia Tools and Applications, 79:28755–28771, August 2020. URL
32. Smoke detection
Yin, Y., Cheng, H., and Liu, H. Flue gas layer feature segmentation based on multi-
channel pixel adaptive. Multimedia Tools and Applications, 79:29069–29085, August
2020. URL
33. Maritime moving object detection and tracking in satellite images
Xiao, F., Yuan, F., and Cheng, E. Detection and tracking method of maritime moving
targets based on geosynchronous orbit satellite optical images. Electronics, 9(7):1–19,
July 2020. URL
34. Forest smoke detection
Wang, G., Li, J., Zheng, Y., Long, Q., and Gu, W. Forest smoke detection based on
deep learning and background modeling. In IEEE International Conference on Power,
Intelligent Computing and Systems (ICPICS), pages 112–116. Shenyang, China, July
2020. URL
35. Vehicle counting
Pratama, Y. and Ratno, P. Multithreading application for counting vehicle by using
background subtraction method. Indonesian Journal of Computing and Cybernetics
Systems, 14(3):309–318, July 2020. URL
36. Crowd abnormal behavior detection
Sonkar, R., Rathod, S., Jadhav, R., and Patil, D. Crowd abnormal behaviour detec-
tion using deep learning. In International Conference on Automation, Computing and
Communication (ICACC), pages 1–5. July 2020. URL
37. Detection of football players with a thermal camera
Cioppa, A., Deliège, A., Ul Huda, N., Gade, R., Van Droogenbroeck, M., and Moeslund,
T. Multimodal and multiview distillation for real-time player detection on a football
field. In IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
Workshops (CVPRW), CVsports, pages 3846–3855. Seattle, Washington, USA, June
2020. URL
38. Fault detection of field equipment
Wu, C., Guo, S., Wu, Y., Ai, J., and Xiong, N. Networked fault detection of field
equipment from monitoring system based on fusing of motion sensing and appearance
information. Multimedia Tools and Applications, 79:16319–16348, June 2020. URL
39. Fall detection
Mohmoodzadeh, A., Agahi, H., and Vaghefi, M. A fall detection system based on the
type II fuzzy logic and multi-objective PSO algorithm. Signal and Data Processing,
17(1):47–60, 2020. URL
40. Smoke vehicle detection
Tao, H. and Lu, X. Smoke vehicle detection based on multi-feature fusion and hidden
Markov model. Journal of Real-Time Image Processing, 17:745–758, 2020. URL http:
41. Traffic flow analysis using thermopile array sensors
Zhang, Y. and Yang, B. Traffic flow detection using thermopile array sensor. IEEE
Sensors Journal, 20(10):5155–5164, May 2020. URL
42. Traffic surveillance
Zeng, W., Xie, C., Yang, Z., and Lu, X. A universal sample-based background sub-
traction method for traffic surveillance videos. Multimedia Tools and Applications,
79:22211–22234, May 2020. URL
43. Handling of blurred video frames
Bokaei, M. and Razavikia, S. Robust low rank and sparse decomposition from blurred
video frames. TechRxiv, April 2020. URL
44. Crowd gathering and commotion detection
Yang, D.S., Liu, C.Y., Liao, W.H., and Ruan, S.J. Crowd gathering and commotion
detection based on the stillness and motion model. Multimedia Tools and Applications,
79:19435–19449, March 2020. URL
45. Elderly fall detection
Khraief, C., Benzarti, F., and Amiri, H. Elderly fall detection based on multi-stream
deep convolutional networks. Multimedia Tools and Applications, 79:19537–19560, March
2020. URL
46. Foreground detection of RGB-D images with a NVIDIA Jetson
Janus, P., Kryjak, T., and Gorgon, M. Foreground object segmentation in RGB-D
data implemented on GPU. CoRR, abs/2002.00250, February 2020. URL https:
47. Real-time vehicle counting system
Varghese, A. and Sreelekha, G. A robust, low-complexity real-time vehicle counting
system for automated traffic surveillance. In National Conference on Communications
(NCC), pages 1–6. Kharagpur, India, February 2020. URL
48. Detection of smoky vehicles from traffic surveillance videos
Tao, H. Detecting smoky vehicles from traffic surveillance videos based on dynamic
features. Applied Intelligence, 49:1–16, December 2019. URL
49. White light interference fringe detection
Hu, M., Li, H., Li, H., and Li, K. White light interference fringe detection based on
improved ViBE algorithm. In Symposium on Novel Optoelectronic Detection Technology
and Applications, volume 114553A of Proceedings of SPIE. SPIE, December 2019. URL
50. Hardware implementation for object tracking
Wijesinghe, Y., Samarawickrama, J., and Dais, D. Hardware and software co-design
for object detection with modified ViBe algorithm and particle filtering based object
tracking. In Conference on Industrial and Information Systems (ICIIS), pages 506–511.
Kandy, Sri Lanka, December 2019. URL
51. Elderly fall detection
Khraief, C., Benzarti, F., and Amiri, H. Convolutional neural network based on dynamic
motion and shape variations for elderly fall detection. International Journal of Machine
Learning and Computing,, 9(6):814–820, December 2019. URL
52. Detection of vehicles
Jiang, K. and Wang, J. Research on improved adaptive vibe algorithm for vehicle detec-
tion. International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls, 4(4):11–17,
2019. URL
53. Fast detection and tracking of pedestrians
Wang, L., Gui, J., Lu, Z.M., and Liu, C. Fast pedestrian detection and tracking based
on ViBe combined HOG-SVM scheme. International Journal of Innovative Computing,
Information and Control, 15(6):2305–2320, December 2019. URL
54. Multiple object tracking
Sheng, H., Zhang, Y., Chen, J., Xiong, Z., and Zhang, J. Heterogeneous association
graph fusion for target association in multiple object tracking. IEEE Transactions on
Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, 29(11):3269–3280, November 2019. URL
55. Vehicle detection
Yuan, S. and Jin, H. Vehicle detection using cascaded feature based on improved PBAS
algorithm. Computer Application Research, 36(11):1–8, November 2019. URL http:
56. Detection of river contaminant by UAV
Lin, Y., Zhu, Y., Shi, F., Yu, J., Huang, P., and Hou, D. Image processing techniques
for UAV vision-based river floating contaminant detection. In Chinese Automation
Congress (CAC), pages 89–94. Hangzhou, China, November 2019. URL http://dx.
57. Detection of jaywalkers
Tomas, J., Jocsing, S., Guanzon, J., and Matias, C. Effectiveness of haar-like features
and vibe algorithm for detecting jaywalkers. In International Conference on Compu-
tational Intelligence and Intelligent Systems (CCIS), pages 90–98. Bangkok, Thailand,
November 2019. URL
58. Automatic identification of ships from videos taken by a UAV
Zhou, F., Pan, S., and Jiang, J. Verification of AIS data by using video images taken
by a UAV. The Journal of Navigation, 72(6):1345–1358, November 2019. URL http:
59. Intrusion detection at railway crossings
Cai, N., Chen, H., Li, Y., and Peng, Y. Intrusion detection and tracking at railway
crossing. In International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Manufac-
turing (AJAM), pages 1–6. Dublin, Ireland, October 2019. URL
60. Smoke detection in videos
Wang, Y., Cheng, J., Liu, T., and a nd Y. Xiong, Y.Z. Smoke video detection based on
lightweight convolutional neural network. In International Conference on Electronic In-
formation Technology and Computer Engineering (EITCE), pages 1462–1466. Xiamen,
China, October 2019. URL
61. Surveillance of elevator cabs
Sun, Z., Xu, B., wu, D., Lu, M., and Cong, J. A real-time video surveillance and
state detection approach for elevator cabs. In International Conference on Control,
Automation and Information Sciences (ICCAIS), pages 1–6. Chengdu, China, October
2019. URL
62. Detection of swimmers’ motion
Hayat, M., Yang, G., Iqbal, A., Saleem, A., Hussain, A., and Mateen, M. The swim-
mers motion detection using improved VIBE algorithm. In International Conference
on Robotics and Automation in Industry (ICRAI), pages 1–6. Rawalpindi, Pakistan,
October 2019. URL
63. Video based fire detection in photovoltaic systems
He, Z. Video based fire detection in photovoltaic system. In International Conference
on Mechanical, Control and Computer Engineering (ICMCCE), pages 289–293. Hohhot,
China, October 2019. URL
64. Background analysis for coding
Wu, Q., Sun, T., Jiang, X., Xu, K., Xu, Q., and He, P. HEVC double compression de-
tection with non-aligned GOP structures based on a fusion feature with optical flow and
prediction units. In International Congress on Image and Signal Processing, BioMedical
Engineering and Informatics (CISP-BMEI), pages 1–6. Suzhou, China, October 2019.
65. Semi-automatic annotation for vehicle detection
Feng, R.C., Lin, D.T., Chen, K.M., Lin, Y.Y., and Liu, C.D. Improving deep learning by
incorporating semi-automatic moving object annotation and filtering for vision-based
vehicle detection. In IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics
(SMC), pages 2484–2489. Bari, Italy, October 2019. URL
66. Detection of mesh fabric defects
Liu, X., Feng, Q., Du, Y., Xu, J., Yan, H., Tong, L., Chen, X., and Zheng, D. A
method for detecting mesh fabric defects with improved ViBe. Journal of Xi’an Poly-
technic University, 33(5):511–516, October 2019. URL
67. Crowd analysis
Pandey, M., Singhal, S., and Tripathi, V. An efficient vision-based group detection
framework in crowded scene. In Frontiers in Intelligent Computing: Theory and Appli-
cations, volume 1014 of Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, pages 201–209.
Springer, October 2019. URL
68. Fire detection
Jin, S. and Lu, X. Vision-based forest fire detection using machine learning. In Interna-
tional Conference on Computer Science and Application Engineering (CSAE), pages 1–
6. Sanya, China, October 2019. URL
69. Smoke detection
Cao, Y. and Lu, X. Learning spatial-temporal representation for smokevehicle detection.
Multimedia Tools and Applications, 78(19):27871–27889, October 2019. URL http:
70. Forest fire smoke detection
Gao, Y. and Cheng, P. Forest fire smoke detection based on visual smoke root and
diffusion model. Fire detection, 55(5):1801–1826, September 2019. URL http://dx.
71. Anomalous event detection and localization
Bansod, S. and Nanadedkar, A. Anomalous event detection and localization using
stacked autoencoder. In International Conference on Computer Vision and Image Pro-
cessing (CVIP), volume 1148 of Communications in Computer and Information Sci-
ence, pages 117–129. Springer, September 2019. URL
72. IoT for surveillance
Sultana, T. and Wahid, K. IoT-Guard: Event-driven fog-based video surveillance system
for real-time security management. IEEE Access, 7:134881–134894, September 2019.
73. Abnormal behavior detection
Wang, Y., Luo, J., and Wang, D. Abnormal behavior detection algorithm based on
weighted amplitude direction angle entropy of key frame. Computer and Digital En-
gineering, 9:2281–2285, September 2019. URL
74. Radar tracking by fusion with a camera
Zhang, R. and Cao, S. Extending reliability of mmWave radar tracking and detection
via fusion with camera. IEEE Access, 7:137065–137079, September 2019. URL http:
75. Detection of intrusions along railway lines
Qu, Z., Yi, W., Zhou, R., and Wang, H. Scale self-adaption tracking method of defog-
PSA-Kcf defogging and dimensionality reduction of foreign matter intrusion along rail-
way lines. IEEE Access, 7:126720–126733, September 2019. URL
76. Single-pixel imaging
Ye, Z., Su, B., Qiu, P., and Gao, W. Secured regions of interest (SROIs) in single-pixel
imaging. Scientific Reports, 9(1):1–8, September 2019. URL
77. Creation of video tubes
Ruan, T., Wei, S., Li, J., and Zhao, Y. Rearranging online tubes for streaming video
synopsis: A dynamic graph coloring approach. IEEE Transactions on Image Process-
ing, 28(8):3873–3884, August 2019. URL
78. Detection of moving vehicles
Xia, X., Lu, X., Cao, Y., Xia, S., and Fu, C. Moving vehicle detection with shadow
elimination based on improved ViBe algorithm. Journal of Physics: Conference Se-
ries, 1302:1–7, August 2019. URL
79. Forgery detection in videos for foreground removal
Su, L., Luo, H., and Wang, S. A novel forgery detection algorithm for video foreground
removal. IEEE Access, 7:109719–109728, August 2019. URL
80. Vehicle traffic statistics of video taken by UAVs
Lu, M. and Tang, Z. Implementation of vehicle traffic statistics algorithm based on
ViBe image processing. In Materials Science and Engineering, volume 569 of Conference
Series, pages 1–6. IOP, 2019. URL
81. Smoke detection
Liu, Z., Yang, X., Liu, Y., and Qian, Z. Smoke-detection framework for high-definition
video using fused spatial- and frequency-domain features. IEEE Access, 7:89687–89701,
July 2019. URL
82. Landslide detection based on a Raspberry Pi
Mishra, P., Dhar, S., and Kalra, M. Landslide detection system using computer vi-
sion approach and Raspberry Pi. In International Conference on Communication and
Electronics Systems (ICCES), pages 1201–1206. Coimbatore, India, July 2019. URL
83. Robot grabbing
Liu, S., Huang, J., Shen, Y., and Guo, Z. Application of improved VIBE algorithm in
robot grabbing system based on visual servo. In International Conference on Robotics,
Control and Automation (ICRCA), pages 105–110. Guangzhou, China, July 2019. URL
84. Building a dataset for training a fish detector
Konovalov, D., Saleh, A., Bradley, M., Sankupellay, M., Marini, S., and Sheaves, M.
Underwater fish detection with weak multi-domain supervision. In International Joint
Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), pages 1–8. Budapest, Hungary, July 2019.
85. Synthesis of abnormal activities for training
Joshi, A. and Namboodiri, V. Unsupervised synthesis of anomalies in videos: Trans-
forming the normal. In International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN),
pages 1–8. Budapest, Hungary, July 2019. URL
86. Person tracking and re-identification
Chen, A., Biglari-Abhari, M., and Wang, K. Investigating fast re-identification for multi-
camera indoor person tracking. Computers & Electrical Engineering, 77:273–288, July
2019. URL
87. Human behavior analysis
Li, D., Qian, L., Peng, L., Zhu, Z., Bai, P., and Wang, X. Detection and analy-
sis of human behavior in video monitoring. In International Conference on Wireless
Communication, Network and Multimedia Engineering (WCNME), volume 89 of Ad-
vances in Computer Science Research, pages 213–215. Atlantis Press, June 2019. URL
88. Object detection and tracking for video surveillance based crowd activity analysis
Yang, M. Video Surveillance based Crowd Activity Analysis. Ph.D. thesis, School of
Computing and Information Systems, University of Melbourne, Australia, June 2019
89. Target tracking
Liu, J., Zhou, L., and Zhao, L. Advanced Wang-Landau Monte Carlo-based tracker for
abrupt motions. IEEJ Transactions on Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 14(6):877–
883, June 2019. URL
90. Fall detection of elderly people
Malik, R., Rastogi, K., Tripathi, V., and Badal, T. An efficient vision based elderly
care monitoring framework using fall detection. Journal of Statistics and Management
Systems, 22(4):603–611, June 2019. URL
91. Infrared target detection
Wu, Y., Wang, Y., and and, P.L. Infrared LSS-target detection via adaptive TCAIE-
LGM smoothing and pixel-based background subtraction. Photonic Sensors, 9(2):179–
188, June 2019. URL
92. Vehicle tracking
Chen, Y., Vahdani, E., Zhang, L., He, M., and Tian, Y. Multi-camera vehicle tracking
and re-identification on AI city challenge 2019. In IEEE International Conference on
Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops (CVPRW), pages 324–332. Long
Beach, California, USA, June 2019
93. Fire detection
Gao, Y., b. Ciren, L., f. Yang, M., and Duan, Q. Preliminary study on the application
of edge computing in fire detection. Fire Science and Technology, 5:664–667, May
2019. URL
94. Object tracking
De Ath, G. Object Tracking in Video with Part-Based Tracking by Feature Sampling.
Ph.D. thesis, University of Exeter, England, UK, May 2019
95. Flame detection
Yu, N. and Chen, Y. Video flame detection method based on two-stream convolutional
neural network. In IEEE Joint International Information Technology and Artificial
Intelligence Conference (ITAIC), pages 482–486. Chongqing, China, May 2019. URL
96. Material science: equipment testing
Yano, K. In situ TEM mechanical testing of irradiated oxide dispersion strengthened
alloys. Ph.D. thesis, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA, May 2019
97. Anomaly detection of pumping units
Yu, T., Yang, J., and Lu, W. Combining background subtraction and convolutional neu-
ral network for anomaly detection in pumping-unit surveillance. Algorithms, 12(6):1–13,
May 2019. URL
98. Detection of moving targets
Ding, Z. and Lu, W.Z. Moving target detection algorithm based on Vibe background
modeling. Computer Systems and Applications, 28(4):183–187, April 2019. URL http:
99. Through-wall radar detection
Zheng, Z., Liu, Q., and Jin, L. Dynamic threshold ViBe algorithm for moving target
detection of through-wall radar. Radar Science and Technology, 17(4):433–439, 2019.
100. Abnormal target recognition
Wu, J., Wu, C., Wu, Y., Xiong, N., and Ren, H. Abnormal target recognition and
application in smart function area based on video sensing technology. Data Science and
Industrial Internet, 2(1):39–55, 2019
101. Safety analysis at intersections
Zhang, Q., Yang, Z., and Sun, D. Automated data collection and safety analysis at
intersections based on a novel video processing system. Transportation Research Record,
2673(4):136–144, April 2019. URL
102. Vehicle traffic analysis
Yang, Z. and Zhang, Q. A video-based framework for automated trajectory collection
at intersections. Journal of Tongji University (Natural Science), 47(3):369–377, March
2019. URL
103. VideoSAR single-frame imagery
Liu, Z., An, D., and Huang, X. Moving target shadow detection and global background
reconstruction for VideoSAR based on single-frame imagery. IEEE Access, 7:42418–
42425, March 2019. URL
104. Human action recognition
Lu, T., Yu, F., and Chen, Y. A human action recognition method based on LSDA dimen-
sion reduction. Computer Engineering, 45(3):237–241,249, March 2019. URL http://
105. Abnormal behavior detection
Wang, X., Yang, L., Hu, J., and Yang, X. A ViBe based classification algorithm towards
the abnormal behaviors of medium and high density crowds. Journal of Chengdu Normal
University, 35(3):118–124, March 2019. URL 10.3969/j.issn.2095-5642.2019.03.
106. Robot vision
107. Object isolation for the RoboCup competition
Rostami, V., Mansournia, P., Akar, A., Kamkar, M., Jalili, F., and Mehralian, M. ATIS-
bots RoboCup@Work 2019 team description paper. Technical report, Qazvin Islamic
Azad University, February 2019. URL
108. Background subtraction for continuous EEG analysis
Sors, A. Deep learning for continuous EEG analysis. Ph.D. thesis, Université Grenoble
Alpe, France, February 2018
109. Detection of smoky vehicles
Tao, H. and Lu, X. Automatic smoky vehicle detection from traffic surveillance video
based on vehicle rear detection and multi-feature fusion. IET Intelligent Transport
Systems, 13(2):252–259, February 2019. URL
110. Detection of multiple UAVs
Yang, T., Li, Z., Zhang, F., Xie, B., Li, J., and Liu, L. Panoramic UAV surveillance and
recycling system based on structure-free camera array. IEEE Access, 7:25763–25778,
February 2019. URL
111. Human fall detection
Kong, Y., Huang, J., Huang, S., Wei, Z., and Wang, S. Learning spatiotemporal rep-
resentations for human fall detection in surveillance video. Journal of Visual Commu-
nication and Image Representation, 59:215–230, February 2019. URL http://dx.doi.
112. Trichomonas Detection
Du, X., Liu, L., Wang, X., Zhang, J., Ni, G., Hao, R., Liu, J., and Liu, Y. Trichomonas
detection in leucorrhea based on VIBE method. Computational and Mathematical Meth-
ods in Medicine, 2019:1–10, January 2019. URL
113. Visual tracking
Liu, J., Zhang, B., and Cheng, X. An adaptive superpixel tracker using multiple features.
Computers, Materials & Continua, 60(3):1097–1108, January 2019. URL http://dx.
114. Water environment monitoring
Wang, Y., Zhang, X., Chen, J., Cheng, Z., and Wang, D. Camera sensor-based con-
tamination detection for water environment monitoring. Environmental Science and
Pollution Research, 26(3):2722–2733, January 2019. URL
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